Top 5 Productivity Apps on Android to stay ahead in 2014. I can’t live without #2!

You take your cellphone with you everywhere, but do you really use it? With smartphones, you can do so much more than just make calls and send messages. Smartphones (and tablets) have become powerful enough to let you do almost everything your desktop computer can. They are also much easier to carry and handle.

If you own an Android device, you can use it like a personal assistant, secretary and personal computer all rolled in one, by using some of the great apps available for download in the Android market. I have made a list of the top 5 must-have productivity apps that will greatly boost your productivity in 2014, at work and elsewhere too. 

 OfficeSuite Pro 7

Bp 2.1

OfficeSuite Pro 7 is the most popular business app in the market. You can use OfficeSuite Pro 7 to create, edit, view and print Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. The app lets you download and view files, including PDF files, and open attachments. OfficeSuite Pro 7 doubles as a file browser and file extractor as well. It also syncs with Google Drive, Drop Box and other cloud storage services.

If you make a lot of presentations in your office or you handle a lot of spreadsheets, then this app is a must-have. OfficeSuite Pro 7 costs about $14.99. A free version is also available, with limited features.

Another good app in the same category is Quickoffice.

Drop Box

BP 2.2

Drop Box is a cloud service storage app that lets you store files that you can access from anywhere, so long as you have internet connectivity. Drop Box is ideal if you handle presentations and small files on a regular basis. It’s also a good app if you have a lot of pictures to share with colleagues or friends.

You need a PC as well as a mobile device to make full use of Drop Box. As a free user, your storage will be limited to 2 GB, which is more than enough for office files. You can always pay for more storage.

Google Drive is a good alternate in the category.


Bp 2.3

You can take notes with Evernote – and do a lot more, of course. The Evernote app lets you take and upload notes in various forms: written notes, videos and audio snippets. These notes are then sorted into searchable “notebooks” that are accessible from any of your devices. The Evernote app helps you stay organized like never before. You can use 60mb of monthly data in the free version or just go premium and get 1GB of upload monthly.

You could also try OneNote, if you are a MS Fan.


Bp 2.4

One of the most common complaints with working on a tablet or a smart-phone is typing. You just can’t type as fast on a smart-phone as you can on your pc with a keyboard. SwiftKey bridges much of the gap by improving the built-in Android keyboard. It changes the Android keyboard to make it more responsive. It’s also very accurate with typing predictions. Available for $3.99, it’s free for a month to try.

While on keyboards, have a look at Swype too.

Bp 2.5

Can you be productive without making lists? is a task management app that lets you add, categorize and prioritize activities for the day. Its user friendly has reminders, voice recognition and syncs with Google notes and tasks. You can create and customize folders to separate out tasks for home, work and lists. You can even make calls, send messages and meeting reminders from the app.  It’s quick to master and easy to use with a fantastic interface.

These are some of my favorite apps that help me optimize my workflow while on the move. What are some of the apps you can’t do without? Share them here in comments.


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