Stop Being a Google-Noob : Tips to Get Better Google Search Results

Picture this:

You need online shopping data for a presentation. You are on a deadline!

You get on Google in a hurry.

A couple of hours have passed and all you have discovered is an e-store that sells absolutely awesome shoes.

You suddenly remember that presentation your manager is waiting for. Dang!

This has happened to the best of us at some point.

Google is like an Oracle. It’s a great tool to find stuff online. It has increasingly become the most trusted source to turn to, when we need answers. But, the trick lies in asking the right questions.

Motivated by my own ignorance and watching the guy in the next cubicle go round in circles, I set out to find better ways to Google stuff. This amazing infographics by Splashsys on illustrates How to Search Google Like a Pro


So, there you have it. These should set you up for better search results. This is in no way a comprehensive set of tips. There’s a vast amount of data on Google and more gets added every second. We’re an ingenious race though and find ways to make things work for us all the time. There are many more cool tricks out there and I’m sure you have some up your sleeves too! Do share them here in the comments. I look forward to learning from you.



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