The 5 Life Lessons I Learnt From My 5-Year Old

I wake up one fine morning; sit with a steaming cuppa by my favorite window overlooking the skyline of a city that is bursting at its seams. As I introspect, I wonder where the last five years have gone.  One fine day I held this little guy bundled up in a blue giraffe blanket and my world changed forever! Out went video games, parties and nights about town. Suddenly I was dealing with poop, handling a tyrant (not really!) and nodding off at work.

Being a dad (or Baba, as he calls me) has been a rewarding experience. A really popular quote from The Spiderman goes “With great power comes great responsibility”. For the father in me this quote has turned on its head “With great responsibility comes great power”.  And that power is learning that fatherhood brings. The more time I spend with Junior the more I learn, even while I pretend to be the wise one!