5 Awesome Presentation Tools to Knock Their Socks Off!

Meetings. Reviews. Sales-Pitches and practically every conference room congregation revolves around presentations. Like me, if you have been to slide-fests often enough, you probably dislike presentations as much as I do. While a lot depends on the presenter, their ability to tell a story  and their command on the subject. It is the tools that often let one down. Boring slides, insipid clip-art and charts that have been done to death.

For years I used PowerPoint as the only tool to make presentations. The familiarity with the tool ensured effectiveness but the story-telling was missing from it. It is this slide-fatigue that compelled me to look for alternatives. Presentation tools that helped me paint a picture & tell a story like never before. I am rounding up five tools here that will help you hit one out of the park without burning a hole in your pocket.